Hamara Bandhan

Organisation for the support of socials projects in India

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Our Organisation

The non-profit organisation Hamara Bandhan (English: Our Relation) was founded in July 2005 by Heidelberg based friends and colleagues with the aim of supporting social projects in India.

A real India-German contact's was first established when we were joined by a new colleague from India. It was strengthened further when our friend and colleague introduced us to his family one evening on the occasion of their visit to Germany. On this evening the idea of founding an organisation was born.

Because of this personal contacts with trustworthy partners in India makes us feel strongly that we found the perfect conditions for this kind of organisations.

We try to have some of our members present at each project. This way we can collect new ideas for our next projects. As we were motivated by the acceptance of our projects, we are looking forward to our organisation's next activities.

Of course there are going to be further projects to support economically poor people in India in the years to come. Continously we organize each month an eye camp with ca. 25 surgeries for the treatment of cataract.

Help the needy

See again

The aim which we had to archive on a short time was conducting an "Eye Camp" in the month of February 2006 with which we treated the cataract in Bidar which is in Karnataka region in south of India. In this project in three eye camps about 300 patient's were screened and 50 patient's were operated. This first project of ours was a big success.

The great success of this project and the good cooperation with the local Hospitals we arranged over 200 Eye Camps for the treatment of patients with cataract by now.

Thanks to our donors generous financial support and meticulous planning on the Indian as well as on the German side. Over 9,000 cataract patients can now see again.

Finished projects
Braille software and computer for girls

blind schoolgirl with computer copyright © Hamara Bandhan e.V.
In close cooperation with the principal Professor Dattu Agarwal, the teachers Mr. Mahesh and Mrs. Sangeeta, we developed an educational software for learning Braille. In addition to the educational software we provided PC games developed specifically for the blind. With these games like tennis or car racing, the children have not only fun, but also improve their spatial hearing.

Braille kits for learning braile

blind children writing Braille copyright © Hamara Bandhan e.V.

For a lot of small schools for the blinds it is in urgent need of many daily life things. In particular teaching material is missing. Braille offers distinctive advantages for children who want to learn fundamentals of language, such as spelling and phonetics. 2008 we supported the blind children of the Asha Deepa School for the blind in Bidar. In July 2009 we delivered specific teaching material and games to the 40 blind girls of the Ambubai Residential School for Blind Girls in Gulbarga

Tailoring unit

Deaf schoolgirl with tailoring machine copyright © Hamara Bandhan e.V.

We also supported a school for deaf children in Thiruvalla near Kottayam, Kerala, which we visited during our visit to India. We provided the deaf school in Thiruvalla with ten sewing machines and the necessary utensils for learning the tailoring trade in order to support their vocational preparation. We are also pleased that with your help we were able to pay the teacher's salary in the initial phase.

Give them a new classroom

Limra School copyright © Hamara Bandhan e.V.

Limra School in Gulbarga was founded as a private school and has meanwhile been recognized by the government. 280 children are taught in standards 1-7 and in kindergarten. We supported the school in their effort to renovate the building and equip the children with mattresses, books, pencils and teaching aids.

Let them hear

School for speach and Hearing Impaired in Kollegal copyright © Hamara Bandhan e.V.

Kollegal, near Bangalore, has a school for deaf children. Many pupils are not completely deaf, but only hearing impaired. However, for financial reasons few of them have a hearing aid. This is where the project "let them hear" starts up the help with 100 individualy adapted hearing aids.

Chalk Unit for the School for Blind

Chalk unit copyright © Hamara Bandhan e.V.

Eine weitere Zielgruppe unserer Spenden waren Kinder der Blindenschule in Bidar, die wir bereits mit Braille-Sets unterstützen konnten. Zur Berufsvorbereitung stellten wir der Schule alle zur Kreideherstellung erforderlichen Utensilien zur Verfügung. Another target group of our support are children of the Asha Deepa School for the Blind in Bidar, which we already supported with Braille kits. For vocational education we provided all the needed utensils for the production of chalk. In July 2009 started the project 'chalk unit for ADSFB'.